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ResMed AirFit Masks

AirFit F20

The AirFit F20 is a full face mask designed for maximum comfort as well as being designed for a fast and simple way to put on and take off the mask. The magnetic connections on this mask make it very easy to use. This mask will move with you comfortably throughout the night while the soft and flexible headgear holds the mask in place.

AirFit N20

The AirFit N20 is a nasal mask that offers soft and flexible headgear as well as an infinity seal cushion which makes it the most adaptive nasal cushion from ResMed yet. This mask also comes with magnetic clips and a quick release elbow. This simple design makes it easy to reassemble after being cleaned.

AirFit P10

The AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask is Resmed’s quietest mask yet! This mask had been shown to deliver more that 40 minutes of extra sleep each night! This is a very simply designed mask that is actually 50% lighter than the other nasal masks. The mask seals on contact, with trampoline action that lets you move around comfortably without compromising the mask’s seal.

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